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Marie Hawkins

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Feb 2 2017, 06:38 PM
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<div class="siteappname">September 26, 1964</div>

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Weekends was an enjoyable time to work, there were just so many people that came through all bursting with energy. Saturdays especially were popular. It was the start of the weekend, and that meant the start of some relaxing time. It was always a curious energy that the weekend gave. After a long week at work people always felt better about the weekend. It was a mixture of renewed energy and a tiredness that they all shared. Marie always thought that weekends were never long enough for people to recover. It was so often that people barely felt renewed before they had to go back to work. Even as an auror she felt that, despite the fact that she had loved her job. The weeks were long and the weekends were too short. Sometimes she would only have Sunday free. But now things were different. Had been different for the past year.
Now she had shifts, and sometimes her weekends were in the middle of the week. Even after all this time it still felt weird for her weeks to be flipped. And when her weekends landed in the middle of the week it was spent rather lonely, everybody was working. Normally she would do something with Chad, but he would be working, so she couldn’t bother him. There were plenty of things she could do, but sometimes she just wanted the company of somebody. Though despite that Saturday’s were her favourite days to work, they were the busiest, but it also meant a better chance of meeting new people and being able to people watch. There were many interesting people that came and went through the Wooly Wampus, a lot of regulars, and sometimes just strangers here and there.
It was now mid morning, just sometime after the breakfast rush and there were plenty of people getting coffees and cold drinks, enjoying their time with family and friends. Everybody wanted to be inside, the humidity was rather high, but the temperatures were moderate. The place was half empty and Marie stood behind the counter, watching. There was a couple with young children having a lively conversation, all looked happy. She saw a young couple, who were probably in their early 20’s, laughing and holding hands, eating a piece of chocolate cake together. So many interesting people all in one place, and all stuck inside their own bubble of time, while she just stood waiting for something to happen.


Jan 7 2017, 03:58 PM
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Marie awoke on the first Sunday of September feeling rather tired, she'd had a bad dream about her being an Auror again. It had been a year, and she still had nightmares about it. Stupid, she knew it. But she couldn't help but still feel miserable over the whole incident. It had been her dream job after all, and she had blown her chance of making it a promising career. She wanted to move on, she truly did. She just hadn't found the right motivation yet. It was a miserable thing. The only truly good thing in her life was Chadwick. Her absolutely amazing partner.
<p>Turning in bed she saw him and instantly felt better. It was amazing how one person could make you feel so much better just by being beside you. He'd always provided that assurance in her life. Every time she may have felt bad she went to him and everything would be fine. He was the light that guided her in the dark. She saw that he was still sleeping and decided to get up and do something worthwhile rather than lie in bed beside him. Not that lying beside him was a bad thing, she loved doing just that. But it was still early and she knew she wasn't going to get to sleep again.
<p>She quickly hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. What better way to start the day than with a cup of tea and a book. Her mind wandered while she waited for the kettle to whistle. She could just as easily use magic, but she liked having that time to think, and the sound of the kettle whistling was a small reminder of where she came from- from her No-Maj life. She didn't miss that life completely, but sometimes she missed aspects of it. After all these years her thoughts of her mother had gone out the window. She had stopped wondering what her mother was doing these days, that woman had disowned her even if she couldn't remember. Now her only family was Chaddy, and that was all she needed. Just him, and no one else- well maybe children one day. But for now she was content on having just him as her whole family. Who better to have as your family than your best friend and boyfriend.
<p>Once she made herself a cup of tea she settled in on her favourite chair, book on her lap, and tea in one hand. It was so peaceful and she loved their little house to bits. It was just so them. On the walls they had pictures of the two of them, happily smiling and waving, or giving each other small kisses. Always happy memories, and always him. Her favourite person in the whole wide world. She was ever so glad to have him in her life, the luckiest woman on Earth. He was hers and she was his, it was as simple as that. Nothing would ever change that fact.
<p>Marie wasn't entirely sure how much time had passed but Chaddy must still be asleep, though she was starting to get hungry. Breakfast time it was. She turned on some music to give a better atmosphere for cooking breakfast and went to work cooking some scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. Best Sunday breakfast. Once she was done, after having danced her way through making breakfast she went upstairs, the food following after her, floating around. "Good morning, my beautiful. Breakfast time!" She said loudly, crawling onto her side and planting a kiss on his cheek to wake him up before starting to eat her own breakfast.



Jan 3 2017, 05:36 PM
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<div class="siteappname">Marie Charlotte Hawkins</div>

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<div class="appinfo1">Berkshire Hills Resident</div>

<div class="appinfo2">Waitress at Wooly Wampus</div>

<div class="appinfo1">29th August 1937</div>

<div class="appinfo2">27</div>

<div class="appinfo1">Jamestown</div>

<div class="appinfo2">Alicia Vikander</div></table>

<div class="sitetemplate3">Marie Charlotte Hawkins was born to Deborah and Fabian Hawkins, two perfectly normal No-Maj parents, in New Orleans on a bright sunny day, right in the middle of the day with the sun was high in the sky. Deborah was a nurse and Fabian was a builder when Marie was first born. They lived in a small but cozy apartment living life ordinarily. They didn’t have a lot of money to shower their baby with, but they made do. Old hand me downs, second hand furniture, and occasionally new clothes or toys. Marie was just an average baby; small, sweet, hungry. Her parents loved her as best as they could, getting the neighbours to babysit every so often when they both had to work. Everything truly was ordinary.
At the age of 2 Marie was already on her feet running, and mumbling her words. She liked people, always running around to find somebody to play with. She was a lively child, loud and full of laughter.
Around the age of 5 her father lost his job due to redundancies. It put some strain on the family as he tried to find a job. Marie didn’t know what was wrong, but she was happy to have her father at home. Although it was fun to have him around more often, he was stressed looking for a job, but tried not to show it. Sometimes Marie would hear arguments, but never knew what they meant. It scared her a little and she would hide under her blanket with her favourite toy. A small teddy bear, which she had named Juno. But despite the arguments the family dynamic stayed the same, even if Marie didn’t see her mother very often due to the extra shifts she was taking. Soon enough Fabian found a job, even if it wasn’t desireable. For the next 10 years he would be in out of odd jobs, trying to keep money coming into the family.
It was near the age of 7 when Marie started to notice something strange. It had happened at school, all of a sudden. She was doing some painting in art class, and she was intently staring at her artwork, not quite sure if she was doing it correctly. When all of a sudden the colour changed on the tree. Then she swore she saw the tree move in the imaginary wind. She shook her head and brought it closer to examine the painting better. It had only been a trick of her brain, she concluded. But even then her attention to detail was noticeable. She knew she had witnessed that with her own eyes, but couldn’t confirm. It was very odd. And so over the next years until her 11th birthday there had been weird instances of strange happenings. One time she even thought she had made her book levitate for a moment.
At age 11 everything was explained.Why those things had happened. A strange woman had shown up at their door, luckily on a day where the whole family was home. They were squished into the small living room, trying to have a conversation.But it was hard. Marie was excited, but her parents were horrified. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. To Marie this was all new, and it was amazing. It explained everything. She hadn’t been dreaming. Those instances were all real, and the grin on her face could not be removed. Until that moment. The moment that shook her entire existence.
Her parents had dismissed the witch for a moment, saying that they needed to confer with Marie. The moment the witch had stepped out of the room Marie jumped onto the couch, bouncing up and down. “I’m going!” She said, stubbornly. It was the wrong thing to say.
Deborah looked appalled, and Fabian angry. They shouted nonsense at her, and she immediately fell off the couch, landing on her backside before crawling away. She had never heard her parents shout so much at her. And then they said the words that took her breath away, “You are hereby disowned, Marie. You are going to this dispicable school and never coming back. You hear me. You are no child of ours.” She started to cry, crawling towards her parents, but they only shook their heads at her. The love in their eyes, gone.
Or so she thought. The witch was welcomed back into the room, who looked rather uncomfortable. It was obvious the witch had heard. Marie’s parents told the witch they gave her permission to attend the school. But what they didn’t know was they were going to have their memories of this meeting erased. That they would think she had gone to a private boarding school. Away from here. And when that happened their memories of disowning their daughter disappeared, leaving them to continue loving their child. It was all very confusing for Marie.
For a couple of days she hid away in her room, scared. Even if they didn’t remember what had happened, she would have to live with that every single day for the next forever. And she didn’t know how to handle that. Her family had been her everything, and now. Now she didn’t know whether this was all just superficial.Their love was real, but only because it was brought back after the memories got taken away. What was she supposed to do? Pretend to love them. That was all. And so she did. She pretended that she loved them, but really she was heartbroken over the words they had spat at her.
Fortunately she was able to get away. To learn about magic. It scared her, though. The thought of going to such a big school with people she didn’t know, who were all going to learn magic. It was incredible. She was also very excited to meet new people, to be immersed in this new world. And she was secretly glad to be away from her parents, to sort out what they meant to her now.
As usual, she took things as they were and jumped in with both feet. She never did anything halfway, and never thought things through. She just did. And thus the sorting ceremony didn’t scare her, not once she saw how it was done. With her head held high she got sorted into Pukwudgie. She wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, but she was mostly glad to be able to experience it. She loved to experience things. And it had been wonderful.
Thus began her life at Ilvermorny. As a first year Pukwudgie. With the excitement also came the dread. She had never lived away from her parents. She had never lived in a place this big. What if she got lost? What if this was all wrong and she wasn’t actually meant to be here? But as soon as she found some friends she started to feel like she belonged, she could finally breathe easily for the first time since the huge outburst from her parents. Her first friend was Chadwick Calderon-Boot V. She found herself drawn to him for some reason. He was a fellow first year Pukwudgie, and she couldn’t be happier to be friends with him. Of course he wasn’t the only one she was friends with. But he was the one she would later call her best friend.
Despite how easy it was for her to make friends, and be around people there was always that underlying sensitivity, and thus her ability to shrink in on herself. Her emotions were so easily shown while she was surrounded by these people. This was the place where she belonged, and she didn’t need to act like anything else like she did at home. The first year was the hardest, she was torn between missing her parents, and hating them. It meant whenever she was home that she started to drift from them. They would have to go months without seeing each other, and over the years it was just that much harder to keep that contact going whenever she was home. The family naturally fell apart. During the holidays they just coexisted with one another, and they didn’t bother getting to know each other, to catch up.
Marie’s attention to detail was probably her best feature, she believed. She was observant. This also showed in her work. Whenever she had essays or assignments to do she wouldn’t be done with it until it was perfect in her eyes. She knew she wasn’t very intelligent, but she made do with what she had. That was how she had grown up after all. Her grades were good, but not amazing. She didn’t mind. It was the fact she was learning. To be surrounded by magic. She tried to help anybody that needed it, of course. It was easy for her to pick up on errors in wording, and helped proofread other’s essays. She just wanted to help!
Another feature that Marie liked to think about was her affinity for exciting things. Not always dangerous, but sometimes it was. The recklessness was built in with this feature. She never thought much about the things she did before she did them. Live in the moment, she believed. It meant a lot of spontaneous little adventures in the castle, whether that was just dancing in the common room or dramatically reading her textbook to her friends. Sometimes this caused her to be told off by people, or there were occasions she jumped in on an argument to stop a fight. All in all she has plenty of stories to tell from her time at Ilvermorny.
Early on when she had read about auror’s she knew she wanted to be one. So she strived to become one. There was something so exciting about the idea of protecting the world like that. It wasn’t even about the fact that she would be important, but that she would help. She could have been a healer if she wanted, but that wasn’t her. An auror was what she wanted to be. She believed she would suit the lifestyle.
When she returned home for the summer after her 6th year was finished she was surprised. She had expected her father to be sitting at the dining table, paper laid out, coffee in his hand. Instead she found her mother, alone. Her mother looked 10 years older than the last time Marie had seen her. The whole apartment felt much smaller, colder, darker. There was a strange atmosphere in the air. The moment Deborah saw her daughter she clung on for dear life and cried. Marie didn’t even have to ask to know what was wrong. Her father must have passed away. To her own surprise she cried with her mother. No matter how terrible he had been that one fateful day. He had been her father. She had loved him. And she had missed the funeral. She had to grieve. It was later told that he had died in a car accident, crushed in a car. Marie tried to help out around the house, make it feel alive again. But it couldn’t be helped, the loneliness and heartbreak that was in the house. Marie left at the end of that summer still grieving. It hurt to see her mother this way. But she couldn’t help. She felt awful leaving her mother alone.
The most important person in Marie’s life after her start to Ilvermorny was Chadwick, and she hoped that he would always be her most important person. After becoming best friends she could never see a world without him. He was her whole world, and they would take life by the hand and run with it, together, as best friends. But that image started to distort a little when she started to see a change in the dynamic of their friendship, specifically her feelings. It wasn’t until she was about 16 did she realise what kind of feelings she had for him. They had developed into romantic feelings. She started seeing him in a different light, but could never tell him.
Things changed after they graduated and needed to start their adult life. They were still best friends, until one fateful day when they were 20. Chadwick had fumbled awkwardly into the question, but he asked her out. It was a surprise to her, but immediately said yes. To this day they are still in a relationship, happily in love. She loved him dearly and deeply. She truly couldn’t see a world without him. He was her everything, her only family. She believed in soulmates, and believed that he was the one. Her soulmate. She couldn’t think of anybody better.
Graduation had to be one of the hardest things for her. Only because she wasn’t sure she was ready to become an adult, and the fact she had to sever all ties with her mother. That was the hardest part. To say goodbye to her family, even if that only consisted of one person. How could she do this to her mother now that her father is gone? But she had to. It was law. She had to abide by the law if she wanted to become a fully fledged witch, a member of the wizarding community. Which was exactly what she wanted. And thus when she arrived home she packed all the things she wanted, late at night while her mother slept. In the morning once her mother had gone to work she wrote a letter:
Dearest mother,
I am so sorry to do this to you. I know there will never be enough words to describe how sorry I am. But I have to leave. For my own sake. I can’t explain it, but I need to do this for myself. I know this is hard for you to hear, especially after father died. Please, hate me if you want, but don’t come looking for me. I have to go alone. I cannot have you burden me. I cannot do this with you by my side. Pretend I’m dead if that will help, but just know you’ll never see me again.
I don’t regret this decision. I am so sorry. Just know that I love you, and that you were my whole world. You raised a wonderful woman. You can’t be my family anymore. It breaks my heart to write this.
Don’t find me. It won’t do you any good. I left you behind the photo’s. I just took only one family one, I hope that’s okay. I want to remember us as a happy family. I know it’s been years since we’ve been one. But we were a good one. I’m sorry I didn’t try harder to engage with you when I was home. So, I suppose you don’t really know this me, the one who grew up. Sorry.
Right. I have to go now. I love you, just know that, okay. I love you. I loved dad, even if I didn’t say so. Even if I came across as resentful- I was at times. But deep down I will always love you.
<br>Your only daughter
<br>Marie Charlotte Hawkins

With that letter left on the table Marie left her childhood home for the last time. She cried as she left everything behind. Her no-maj life was no more. It was going to be a distant memory in the back of her mind. It needed to be washed away.
Her future was in sight, as she had managed to gain a position into the training course to become an auror. Her dream was finally coming true. And her best friend was there to share that with her. Because of her need to sever ties with her home she had nowhere to go, and thus the two of them got themselves a small apartment. They happily lived together, trying to navigate the adult world.
Marie made it as an auror. She was now legit, and she felt incredibly accomplished. She was doing something with her life, and she had the best man in the world by her side. Everything was going well for her. She even forgot about her family, because Chadwick was the only one she needed.
But her job didn’t last. Marie was 26. She was on a mission with a small team of auror’s, about 3 of them not including her. It was a delicate situation, involving an innocent wizarding family. It was a difficult task, but when Marie saw the child was in danger, she didn’t even stop to think twice about the consequences. All she thought about was saving the kid, she knew what to do, she had this down. But in saving the child she put her team at risk, and she disobeyed orders from the team leader not to help the child. In the end she saved the child, but ended up killing her career. There was a disciplinary hearing because of her actions. She couldn’t believe that it had come down to this, her career was on it’s last life line. In the end she was fired for recklessness and disobeying orders. She went out kicking and screaming. She had saved the kid after all, that had to matter for something. He would have died. But that wasn’t what they thought was important.
She felt horrible, having lost her job. How was she to explain this to Chadwick? How could she put such a big hurdle in their lives. That night she went to the bar and got herself drunk. For one night she had to drown her feelings, they were just too much.She had just destroyed her own dream. What was she to do now? What new dream could she cling onto?
With a terrible feeling in her gut she proceeded to find herself a job, something temporary while she tried to sort out her thoughts. She ended up applying for a job at the Wooly Wampus. A lovely little place, who took her in with open arms. She is still working here today, while she is still trying to figure out where she wanted to go with her life. She couldn’t be stuck here, working at the Wooly Wampus all her life. That just wasn’t her.

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