Rappaport's law strictly forbids any fraternization with non magical folk. Witches and Wizards have long been forbidden from any intermingling; no friendship, certainly no romance. Support for a repeal grows, though, and many fear North America's magical line dying out without fresh bloodlines. Mysterious disappearances tied to witch hunters have occurred throughout the magical community, however. So, which fear will win out? The fear of being wiped out or the fear of fading away?
Mount Greylock, Massachusetts
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Dec 29 2016, 09:25 PM
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<div class="sitetemplate3b">

<p>Hi everyone! My name is Sandy, and I'm one of the admin's here at Ilvermorny. I've admin-ed a couple of boards in the past, and have enjoyed it quite a bit but this will be my first in a while so I hope I do alright. LOL I like to think I am cooler than I actually am. I am a 22 year old living in the countryside of Wyoming. I am the mother of 3 furry children, a 3 year old shih zu (Samus), a German Shepard puppy (Bigby) and a 8 year old black cat (Tonks). They are my life and soul, and I couldn't imagine my life without them. I love animals in general, and am a certified, working dog groomer. I also work at my local animal shelter, and am currently going to school to become a certified veterinary technician. I work full time so my life is pretty hectic, but the one thing I've always had in my life was writing, so I stick to that.

<p>I've been married for 2 years now, but have been with my hubs for 7 years. My husband and I pride ourselves in being nerds. We both worked at a comic book store and love reading comics, watching movies, playing video games, going to comicons, concerts, tattoos, food, board game nights, and I especially love television shows.

<p>I've been role playing and writing on these sites for as long as I can remember (13 years now). Reading and writing has always been a sort of escape for me, I've been on and off of a novel I've been writing since 2010, and I hope to one day get it published. Rereading is my favorite thing, each book on my shelf has been loved a few times over.

<p>When it comes to Harry Potter, you can say I've been obsessed since I was a little kid. Harry Potter got me through tough times, and I have my entire guest bedroom, and guest bathroom dedicated to that. This October (2016) I flew out to California to stay with my parents and go to LeakCon, a Harry Potter convention. It was the greatest four days of my life, and really instilled a passion for me in the North American counter part.

<p>I have two Harry Potter tattoos as of right now, but want a full sleeve eventually. I have a golden snitch on my collarbone, and a dark mark on my right inner forearm (yes I know it's on the wrong arm but the sleeve wouldn't work on my left!) If you want pictures just ask. If there is anything else you want to know about me, go ahead and ask me in the c-box, I'm sure I'll be pretty active there. I am so positively thrilled to be writing with you all and making this new site and this new part of the magical world real.

<p>I tend to cling onto people really fast, and really enjoy making new friends. If you ever want my Skype, Facebook, Snapchat or anything else please let me know. I'm always free.

<p>xoxo Sandy

Oct 13 2016, 12:39 AM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">The Castle</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">
Players please note that this map is our board's version of Ilvermorny. Until there is more information released about the school's castle map, this is the layout we will be using in our play. If there are any questions or concerns, please PM an admin. (@Merel @Alea @Sandy).

<p><b>GROUND FLOOR:</b>
<br>entrance, wand room, feast hall, headmaster office, access to grounds/greenhouse

<p><p><b>FIRST FLOOR:</b>
<br>core classes 1-3

<p><p><b>SECOND FLOOR:</b>
<br>Wampus. cores for 4-7

<p><p><b>THIRD FLOOR:</b>
Study floor, larger classrooms and community rooms. meeting rooms

<p><p><b>FOURTH FLOOR:</b>
<br>The library, Horned Serpent, professor offices, staff room

<p><p><b>FIFTH FLOOR:</b>
<br>elective classes and study rooms for students

<br>Although there are only a couple of high towers at Ilvermorny, each serves a purpose at the school. The first, holds the only path up to the Thunderbird's common room. There are floor to ceiling windows with a plethora of furniture in the softer sunlit spots. Portraits line the walls. This tower in particular is also home to the owlery.
<p> The second tower is home to the Divination and Astronomy classrooms. You may also find that the sleeping quarters for these professors nearby as well. Students do need to remember that this tower is off limits after classes has ended for the day.
<p>The third, and final Ilvermorny tower houses dorms for other professors that choose to stay at the school during the semester.

<p>The towers in general can be very confusing for first years that don't know where they are going. While most of the school's hallways are fairly simple to navigate, the towers have many doors, hallways and paintings that look exactly alike.

<br>The basement is home first and foremost to the Puckwudgie common room. The school clinic is down in the basement as well, and utilizes most of the square footage.


Oct 12 2016, 11:54 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">Jamestown</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">
<center><div class="claimsrib2">The Salty Lemon</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; One of the most popular restaurants in magical Massachusetts, the Salty Lemon is a cozy little hole in the wall where one can get homemade meals and a variety of local drinks.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">The Wooly Wampus</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A very casual place with large sofas and an assortment of tables. The bartender, Broderick, is a kindly (albeit large) man with a walrus moustache who knows each of his regulars by name and order.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Illpy Walnut's Ice Cream </div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; World famous ice cream in all the flavors you could imagine. Check out the toppings bar! There's virtually endless possible combinations.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Gwendolyn's Greenery</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Fresh produce and potions ingredients, magical treats and all the groceries you could need. Our friendly sales people are always available to provide cooking tips and point you in the right direction.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Jamestown Post Office</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It's the post office! Send your letters and pick up any packages too big for our owls to safely deliver.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Master Pillywag's Glass</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Most famous bar in all of Jamestown. Every Friday night there is the wonderful musical entertainment. Wednesday's and Saturday's you may enter in the quiz and win yourself some wonderful prizes. Established as one of the first bars in the town, it has a great reputation. So please, do come in and have a jolly old time, have a drink and be merry.</p>

Oct 12 2016, 11:47 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">Isolt's Shoppet</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">
<center><div class="claimsrib2">Quentin's Quadpottery</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; For all of your sports needs. Despite the name, Quentin's Quadpottery carries materials necessary for both Quadpot and Quidditch. Brooms, balls, padding and accessories. This store has been a popular destination for Ilvermorny students since 1904. Several professional athletes have even attributed portions of their early success to Quentin and his Quadpottery!</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Twiggfitter's Broom Repair</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Flew into a castle wall and splintered your broomstick? Braking charms malfunctioning? Interested in aesthetic modification? Look no further than Twigfitter's Broom Repair, in business since 1832! Mention this ad and receive a 5% discount on your next order.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Artifacts of Antiquity</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Artifacts of Antiquity deals in only the best and most curious artifacts from around the wizarding world. For those looking for a little mystery in their life, oerhaps even a little darkness, there's no destination more fitting. </p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">O'Doyles Old World Owlery</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Owls, owls and more owls! Gert your mail-trained owls! Get food! Get them a fancy perch! Just come look at our owls! Free feather available on the third saturday of every month! Only at O'Doyles Old World Owlery; we have owls!</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Mistress Mellina's Menagerie</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mistress Mellina's Menagerie for all your animal needs! Find a pet or care for the one you already have. Conveniently located right next to O'Doyles Old World Owlery.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Candi Connelly's Confectionery</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Makers of fine, homemade sweets and candies since 1945. Feeling a little blue? VERDICTS got you down? Work stressing you out? You need a tasty distraction! Come to Candi Connelly's Confectionery and we'll treat you sweet!</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Blumworth's</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Blumworth's is the only bookstore you could ever need. We carry old world novels, first print rarities and all your favorite modern genres. Replace your well work spell books or search for answers to your deepest curiosities. There's no limit to the worlds (and words!) within our walls.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Majester</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; North America's leading magical joke shop. Looking for just the right gag to amuse your friends? Need some harmless revenge? Majester will meet all your humorous needs. </p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2"> Wamboldt-Knibbs</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Keep your draggot's safe in our vaults. We offer the most up-to-date magical security measures and guarantee your satisfaction. No place keeps your gold and prized possessions safer than Wamboldt-Knibbs Wizarding Bank</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Slug & Jiggers</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Slug & Jiggers sells the world's best cauldrons and apothecary items. Come get your quality potion ingredients here! Need a cauldron? We have them all, including but not limited to Copper, Brass, Pewter and Silver! And, for those fancy potion goers, try out our new collapsible or self-stirring cauldrons! Owned and operated by by the Slug and Jigger's families since 1903.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Snallygaste's Silverthread</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Find robes for all occasions! We have the best deals on Ilvermorny school robes, We also offer an in-house tailor that specializes in dress robes and your travelling cloaks. </p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Prickett's Parchments</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Prickett's Parchments is a writing supplies store located in the heart of Isolt's Shoppet. We sell stationary needed for the students of Ilvermorny, as well as special limited ink bottles sporting different, never before seen colors! Find your fanciest quill and show off to all your friends! Where did you get it from? Prickett's Parchments and Quills, established in 1854.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">Wise Beard Wands</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As Wise Beard once told us, a broken wand, is a useless wand. But hey, we can fix that so you don't have to be useless anymore! Don't Spellotape your wand, have us patch it up for you. Remember, students still in school are unable to enter this shop.</p>

<center><div class="claimsrib2">The Auburn Branches</div></center>
<p align="justify">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A casual eatery for any and all. The Auburn Branches serves all the favorites, fancy or simple; there is something there for everyone. Enjoy the bar and its extensive range of beverages, or slide into the booths and enjoy the lovely time spent with friends. The Auburn Branches is a family owned restaurant that was set up in the early days of the shoppet, truly an iconic place to eat food.</p>


Oct 12 2016, 10:37 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">The Game of Quadpot</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">
Please keep in mind that since Quodpot is a relatively new sport in the fictional Harry Potter universe, this is only general, beta information. The rules posted below are taken verbatim from This is a summary of how Quodpot is played in the real world which influences our system, but is not quite the same. There is a system to the way <b><i>we at Ilvermorny</b></i> play. Although this is a great reference for your own personal information, please refer to our game rules to understand specifics of playing on the board.<p>


Quodpot, described by J.K. Rowling as the American version of quidditch, has joined the club of real-life fictional sports. Chris Kostick and several other players of the IQA thought it would be fun to try and adapt the sport to reality and submitted it for publication. It has been posted online here for the first time. if you play this game you might get hurt, die in a freak accident, explode etc.

<p>The Rules Of Quodpot
<br>By: Chris Kostick
<br>With the help of: Jason Hyde, Michele Clabassi, and Morgyn Benstead

<p><i> 1. The Game </i>

<p><b>1.1 Overview</b>
<br>The game of quodpot is played between two teams of eleven players each. The objective of the game is to get the quod (game ball) into the cauldron at the end of the pitch before it “explodes” and eliminates players. Each time a quod is brought into play a random timer between two and five minutes is set, and when the time expires any player that is holding the quod (or the last one to have touched it) is eliminated from play for the remainder of the match. The game is over when one of the teams runs out of players.

<p><b>1.2 Starting the Game</b>
<br>Gameplay is started with a jump ball in the starting circle, on the opposite end of the pitch from the scoring circle, within which is the cauldron. One player from each team is allowed in the starting circle for a jump ball. If the referee feels that a jump ball was unfair or executed incorrectly, he or she may stop play with one short whistle blow and restart the jump ball, making any corrections. Possession immediately after the jump ball may be difficult to determine. If the ball hits the ground off the jump ball, then it is the fault of whoever last touched it and possession is given to the other team in the same process as a dropped pass (see Advancing the quod below). Physical contact is not permitted during this time either, so players must be cautious when vying for possession of the quod.

<p><b>1.3 Advancing the Quod</b>
<br> Players may not move when in possession of the quod – they must advance the quod by passing it to a teammate. If a player drops the quod, possession of the quod is given to the other team and play continues. When possession changes the team with new possession of the quod must return the quod past the midfield line before being eligible to score.

<p><b>1.4 Scoring</b>
<br> Only one player from each team is allowed in the scoring circle. Once inside the scoring circle, the player in possession of the quod is free to move with it in an effort to score. If a player scores, the quod timer resets and the other team is given the quod in the starting circle.

<p><b>1.5 Quod Explosion</b>
<br> If a quod explodes, any player touching the ball, or the last player to have touched the ball, is eliminated from the match. This means that if two opposing players are vying for possession of the quod when the timer expires, both players are eliminated (simulating the “explosion”). When a player is eliminated, the quod is brought back to the starting circle for another jump ball. Any player who is eliminated by an exploding quod is eligible to substitute into the game once for the remainder of the game.

<p><b>1.6 Substitutions </b>
<br>Substitutions may occur only during a stoppage in play occurring after a quod is scored or explodes, or a foul is called, stopping play. A player who has been eliminated must wait until the next score or explosion to re-enter play as a substitute. A player who has committed an elimination foul is not permitted to re-enter play as a substitute for the remainder of the game. Substitutions may only occur on the starting circle side of the midfield line. When a player wants to substitute in for a player on the field, he must stand directly by the sideline with his arm in the air so the referee can see that a substitution is to be made.

<p><b>1.7 Intermission/Timeouts</b>
<br> Once either team is down to 5 players, a 5 minute break is given to both teams. Each team also has one timeout that they may use at any time.

<p><b>1.8 Last Stand</b>
<br> When all but one of a team's players has been eliminated, the remaining player must advance the quod by tossing it into the air to him/herself in a sort of reverse dribble, but otherwise must still obey the player movement rules. The game is over when all of a team's players have been eliminated. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

<p><I>2. Rules </I>
<p><b>2.1 Roster </b>
<br>Teams are allowed up to 15 players on their active rosters for a game.

<p><b>2.2 Physical Contact (outside scoring circle)</b>
<br> Physical contact is not allowed in quodpot unless within the scoring circle. There may be one defender on the player in possession of the quod, and the defender must be at arms-length from the player in possession. The defender has the right to a ten-second stall count. If the player in possession fails to pass the quod within this stall count, the defender receives possession of the quod. The stall count must be loud and clear so the players and referee can hear it.

<p><b>2.3 Physical Contact (inside the scoring circle)</b>
<br> Once inside the scoring circle, the one defender is allowed to use physical contact to prevent the player in possession of the quod from scoring. Legal types of physical contact are: Tackles, stiff arms, and stripping the ball. Inside the scoring circle is the only location where the ball may be played off the ground. A defender must attain possession of the quod and pass it out of the scoring circle to a teammate before the attacking player no longer has possession. If the defender does not successfully complete a pass to a teammate, the quod is given to the nearest player on the attacking team. If a defender is to push the player in possession of the quod out of the circle, the attacker may use his/her momentum to slow his body, but then must obey player movement rules. If a defender is to tackle the player in possession from inside the scoring circle to outside the scoring circle, he/she has the right to finish the tackle, but not excessively. If the attacker maintains possession, he may continue to advance the quod. If the attacker drops the quod during a tackle to the outside of the scoring circle, possession is then given to the defender in the same process as with a dropped pass. If a defender strips the ball and it rolls out of the scoring circle, possession is given to the defender. The defender is NOT permitted to purposely move the ball to the outside of the scoring circle by kicking or any other method. This will be considered wrastling (see penalty shot penalties below).

<p><b>2.4 Out of Bounds</b>
<br> A player must have at least one foot in bounds at all times. This also means that a player must only have one foot on the side of the midfield line necessary to enable scoring. If a player catches the quod out of bounds, possession is given to the nearest defender.

<p><b>2.5 Momentum</b>
<br> If a player catches a pass while running, he may stop using his momentum, but not excessively. Three steps is a general allowance for slowing. A player may NOT use this same rule when crossing the midfield line to enable scoring or when entering the scoring circle. If the player's momentum carries her over the line, she must retreat to one step from the line and advance the quod to a player legally over the line or in the scoring circle.

<p><b>3. Penalties </b>
<br>There are three categories of penalties: Loss of possession, penalty shot, and elimination. The referee signal for each respective category is listed in parentheses.

<p><b>3.1 Loss of possession (yellow flag)</b>
<br>Travelling – moving both feet from position where in possession of quod.
<br>Pushing – pushing a defender away while attempting to catch a pass.
<br>Stacking – a second player on an attacking team enters the scoring circle.
<br>Diving – Feigning being fouled to unjustly retain possession.
<br>Shelving – Purposely delaying the game without a clear intent to advance the quod (at referee's discretion).
<br>Swapping – Making an illegal substitution (while on offense).
<br>In the event of a “loss of possession” penalty, the quod will be given to either the player on the defending team who was fouled or the closest player on the defending team. The team quod does not have to pass the midfield line before the team is eligible to score, as a result of the penalty.

<p><b>3.2 Penalty shot (points at fouled player, then cauldron)</b>
<br>Bashing – Mild physical contact outside of scoring zone.
<br>Tripping – Intentionally tripping a player who is moving to get open for a pass.
<br>Wrastling – Mild illegal physical contact within scoring zone.
<br>Dogging – More than one player is defending a player in possession of the quod.
<br>Swapping – Making an illegal substitution (while on defense).
<br>In the event that a penalty shot is necessary, the fouling player will stand in the scoring zone, and the player in possession of the quod will have a free run at the cauldron starting at the midfield line. The player in possession may only take one shot at the cauldron during a penalty shot. If the shot is successful, the quod is given to the opposing team in the starting circle like after any score. If the shot is unsuccessful, a jump ball occurs at the starting circle as if a new quod was brought into play and the quod timer resets.

<p><b>3.3 Elimination (black flag)</b>
<br>Thrashing – Severe illegal physical contact within or outside the scoring circle.
<br>Trashing – Unsportsmanlike conduct such as spitting, foul language, etc.
In the event of an “elimination” penalty, the player who was fouled or the closest player on the fouled team will be given possession of the quod at the spot of the foul, and the fouling player is eliminated, counting against his/her team's number of remaining players. A player who is eliminated by penalty is not eligible as a substitute.

<p><b>4. The Pitch</b>
<br> The quodpot pitch is capsule shaped, consisting of a 36m x 15m rectangle with semicircles closing the ends. Quodpot can be played on any solid surface, but is preferably played on a grass, turf, or sand surface. Halfway between the ends is a midfield line extending the width of the pitch. At one end, 18m from the midfield line and halfway between the sidelines, is a 2m diameter circle that serves as the starting circle. At the opposite end, 18m from the midfield line and halfway between the sidelines, is the cauldron. Around the cauldron, and with the cauldron at the center, is an 8m diameter circle that serves as the scoring circle.

<p><b>5. Equipment Quod</b>
<br> A fully inflated volleyball. Cauldron – Any bucket or cauldron with an opening that is at least large enough to easily fit the quod into and is deep enough so that the quod will not easily bounce out. Circular laundry baskets, Kan Jam cans, trash cans, or 55 gallon barrels are recommended. Cones – In the event that lines cannot be painted, eight (8) cones can easily be used to mark of the whole field, with the exception that there would be soft boundaries. This can be set up as shown below:

<p><b> 6. Personnel Referee</b>
<br> The referee is charged with watching the game actively and maintains the flow and fairness of gameplay. He/she should stay close to quod play, without interfering, and also be aware of what is going on elsewhere on the field of play. He/she should call the game accurately and fairly, and keep stoppages in play to a minimum. It is the responsibility of the referee to make sure eliminated players are removed from the field and the resulting number of players on each side is maintained. He/she is also responsible for resetting the quod as quickly as possible after a score or explosion, and also for making sure any substitutions are made quickly. Scorekeeper The scorekeeper's responsibility is to maintain fair quod explosion timers throughout the game. He/she should have a whistle, airhorn, or other way of signaling when the timer expires. The timer can either be a kitchen timer or some sort of electronic timer. The scorekeeper is responsible for making sure the times set to the timer are relatively random, yet vary greatly.

<p><b>7. Appendix Referee signals</b>
<br>Goal scored – Long whistle blow, points at cauldron.
<br>Quod explosion – At the sound of the scorekeeper's signal, one arm in the air and points at eliminated player.
<br>Penalty – Two short whistle blasts, throws appropriate flag (or points at fouled player and then cauldron in the case of a penalty shot). He will explain to the scorekeeper, spectators, and involved players the penalty.
<br>Out of bounds – One short whistle blast and points at sideline.
<br>Complete stall count – One short whistle blast and gives quod to defending player.

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