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Tessa Giles


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Jan 2 2017, 07:33 AM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">September 5, 1964</div>

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It was Saturday. Which meant she had to spend the day hanging out with friends. It was a terribly tedious thing to do. But Saturday's were reserved for that. The chance to be with people and just hang out and not worry about going to classes and such. She couldn't hide from people, they would ask questions. She didn't like their questions either. And thus she forced herself to hang out with them, to try and enjoy time spent with them. There were moments where she genuinely did like it, but not all the time. Most of the time she wanted to be doing other things, like writing, or going for a run. Anything but the exhaustion of keeping up with the facade wasn't always a good reason to see these people. But they were supposed to be her friends. It was her duty to be with them. To interact. Human contact was always needed.
<p>Tessa wasn't too excited to see a certain number of people. Most of these were the boys that had been at the party near the end of summer. It had been the most embarrassing thing that her mother had ever done to her. Nobody outright had said what the party was for, but everybody had known. Or at least the mothers did. She had tried to hide from them until she felt more confident to see them, but even just glimpses of them made her insides squirm. Not that she showed that. She didn't even want to think about what the boys had thought about it. It probably wasn't something a 'lady' would want to hear. They were teenage boys after all.
<p>It was early morning and Tessa had decided to sit in the common room, to bide some time before breakfast. It was probably a bad place to sit for the morning. But she had missed it, sitting in the common room. No matter how much she didn't want to be here, the common room was always different. It was a very grounding place, she found it. If she could she would be here all night, but she always passed out so early she never had a chance to be there at any time past 9.30 at night. But it was also nice on a Saturday morning. Not too crowded, not too many people to disturb her.
<p>For now she was sitting in a corner, her favourite corner, curled up on a chair. There was a book lying on the arm of the chair, open to the page she was reading. She was reading a book she had bought while on the summer break. It had been hidden of course, in the trunk at the back of her closet. She had been eager to read it, and had only opened it up this morning, thinking that it was the perfect opportunity. Ilvermorny was always a place of mysteries, and she found that she was allowed to read without too many people judging. Which made her feel much better about her reading habits. Especially in the early hours of the morning. So for now she was content at just sitting in the chair, reading, until either somebody came and disturbed her or it was time for breakfast.


Dec 22 2016, 01:59 AM
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<div class="siteappname">2nd September, 1964</div>

<div class="sitetemplate3b">
Tessa loved the library, more so than even the quodpot field. It was a sanctuary only when she went alone. A place for her to run to when she needed to be alone- which was quite often. It was a lovely place, the library, filled with many opportunities. It was a great big place where she could learn and be free. Well, free enough. There were always other students there. Always. Some she saw were there on a regular basis. She didn't know whether that was sad, or comforting. Was it sad that she came here so often she knew who the regulars were? She wasn't sure.
<p>It was only the second day and she was hiding in the library. Things had already been awkward seeing the boys which her mother had invited over this past summer. Embarrassing really. Some of them had already given her kissy faces, which made her wrinkle her nose and insult them. 2 more years, she thought to herself. 2 more years and she would be free. Then she could escape, go anywhere, be anything she wanted to be. But whether even that dream could come true was a mystery. Her mother would seek a suitor, to marry her off as soon as possible. A thought she absolutely dreaded.
<p>No. She needed to hide away for now, to calm down after dinner. Everybody had been talking about their summer. And Tessa hated the summer. It meant being home in the house filled with such bad memories, that it felt haunted. The summer had never felt the same again since the fire. Summer only ever brought pain. But of course nobody would understand, and she would ever voice these concerns. And thus her summer was described as 'great, wonderful,' and ended with 'an embarrassing party'. It made people laugh, so it was okay. Once everybody had stopped asking her questions she quickly slipped away and to the library.
<p>The moment she entered the library she felt better, a small breath of air left her lungs. She hadn't even noticed she had held her breath. Now she felt much better, and quickly walked off to find a good spot. But while she was looking she found someone she had mixed feelings about. Imogen. "Oh, well if it isn't little miss perfect, Imogen. Heard you got made prefect. Congrats." She said, with a slight sneer in her voice. She didn't particularly want to be mean to Imogen, but it just happened. She was so used to doing it by now. "I see you're already getting a head start on your work." She glanced at the books opened on the table. "Mind if I sit?" She asked, but it was a rhetorical question and she pulled out the chair and sat herself down, glancing at Imogen carefully, watching her reactions.


Oct 22 2016, 01:07 AM
<div class="sitetemplate1">
<div class="siteappname">TESSA LILIAN GILES</div>

<table class="apptable" cellpadding="10pt">

<td><div class="appimg"><img src=""></div></td>
<div class="appinfo1">WAMPUS</div>

<div class="appinfo2">6TH YEAR</div>

<div class="appinfo1">12TH APRIL 1948</div>

<div class="appinfo2">16</div>

<div class="appinfo1">NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK</div>

<div class="appinfo2">MADDIE HASSON</div></table>

<div class="sitetemplate3">
Tessa was born into the Giles family in New York city in 1948. Her parents Tony and Debra already had a child, Adrian, who was 3 when she was born. Tessa was quickly accepted into the family. They were a tight-knit family. Debra stayed at home looking after her two kids, happy to be a housewife. Tony worked at MACUSA. When Tessa was aged 2, Kyle was born. Donovan was born 4 years later, to complete the family.
Tessa took up ballet at the age of 6 just after Donovan was born. Her mother was raising her to be a good pureblooded girl. Pristine, proper, posh. Like fine china. She learned how to speak proper, with her head held high. Ballet was something that Tessa thoroughly enjoyed. The rest of the lessons her mother tried to teach her weren’t. She didn’t like
She was intelligent, that much was certain from a very young age. She was reading books that were beyond her years. This made her the golden child. The one that would be going far in life. The one that would make the family proud. It was a lot for a young girl to understand. Her mother made sure she met all the right people, to establish connections. The pressure to be part of a community, to be a respectable girl was imminent in Tessa’s life. A constant reminder.
Being the golden girl meant all eyes were on her whenever she attended parties. Everybody knew her. Tessa hated it. A little girl like her could never admit it. She smiled for the crowd and did as her mother told her. But all she wanted to do was run away, run and play with her siblings. She wanted to play with her brothers, run in the mud, chase them around the house. But no. That was not what a lady did. She didn’t want a lady, but a lady never spoke ill of anything. Unless it was gossip, then she could say all the ill will she wanted. Those were the things she learned from her mother, and the other lady’s.
Underneath the facade of a good girl was a girl that was shy, nervous, full of insecurities. She was made to hide things away. So she thought. So she turned her insecurities towards reading fiction books, and writing short stories. She didn’t keep a journal, that was something she thought was lame. Instead her thoughts were transferred into her characters. Each of them different, each represented her daily struggles. Especially once she got older. She wasn’t allowed to read books, but secretly she did. By the dim light of the setting sun she would hide behind the curtains in her room, sitting by her balcony doors. Reading in her world was a salvation. A secret salvation.
The brother she was closest to was Adrian. They spent a lot of time together when she wasn’t being taught by their mother. He was the only one with whom she shared her real feelings with. He was her other salvation. He understood her like nobody else did. Things didn’t change when he went off to Ilvermorny. The two kept in constant contact. Tessa was glad. It put some of her unease at rest. But it still didn’t feel quite the same. She couldn’t spend hours on end talking with him, hiding in her big closet.
3 years later and it was her turn to go to Ilvermorny. She was scared. But she had her big brother to look after her, and that’s what gave her strength. That and the fact she had more freedom. She wasn’t going to be suffocated by her mother’s every judgement. She loved her mother, but sometimes it was too much. Especially the older she got.
She was so terrified about being sorted. She knew the process, but actually being there and doing it was scary. Of course she had nothing to worry about. Tessa was sorted into Wampus, the same as Adrian. The relief that filled her heart had never been experienced before.
She quickly fit in, an outgoing girl, confident on the outside. Friends came quickly. From all circles of life. It seemed that the young girl was slotting right into Ilvermorny life. She was slowly morphing into herself. While there she found a new love. Two new loves actually. Quidditch and Quadpod. She had a thirst for action. For anything active. The ballet training she had over the years wasn’t enough. Now was her chance to pursue that innate feeling in her bones, the one that called out to her back in her childhood, to run and climb trees. She had been exposed to the two sports, but only from what Adrian told and showed her. Her mother had a fit when she learned of her daughter’s sporting adventures. But she loved her daughter, and slowly managed to tolerate it- even if she didn’t like it.
Tessa was a very busy girl, still is. Hanging out with friends, her sports, her ballet, her writing; and then juggling her fake self with her real self. Most nights she went to bed early and fell asleep quickly.
Over the years her attitude towards others went downhill. Although she was outgoing and and confident, she had developed a very bitchy mask. She was rude to most people. But it was only a front. She felt bad sometimes when she insulted people. A bully she wasn’t, but in no way was she nice. It was all a front. And only a few select people ever saw that nervous and insecure side of her. But she was ambitious, she would always got what she wanted, and achieved her goals. Her grades were fantastic- which made her parents proud, she was their golden child after all.
Her insecurities heightened when puberty hit, and her emotional side always threatened my make its way to the surface. But they stayed hidden. The nervous and emotional nature was kept at bay in the eyes of the public. When she was alone and with her best friend, the truth would be out. Her writings reflected that too. The constant struggle between the real and fake her. The line was thinning. But the facade stayed.
The summer before her 4th year was a dark time. A tragedy had occurred. A fire had started at a house; a house that belonged to a family friend. The house that Adrian, Donovan, and Kyle had visited that day. The 3 brothers went to visit, and hang out with the other kids. They had all grown up together, and that day there was a planned party for the youngest son. Tessa couldn’t go, she was too sick to go. Her mother stayed looked after her. It was fortunate she didn’t go. The fire had burned bright and fast. Everybody inside died. Including all 3 of her brothers.
That day had been the worst of her life. There had been a knock on the door. Police. Tessa was lying in bed upstairs in her room, but upon hearing the doorbell she couldn’t help but creep out, and sat on the stairwell, hidden from view. She couldn’t see anything, only heard. She heard the cry her mother gave. That awful, gut wrenching scream. Tessa was frozen in place as she heard the words and the cries from her mother. They were gone. Dead. Never to be seen again. Tessa clutched her blanket around her, her chin resting on her knees as she cried, soft and silent tears. She wanted to sob. Her whole body screamed for her to break down like her mother did. But she held on. 14 year old Tessa did not break down, she refused. She wasn’t sure how long she had sat there, crying silently while her mother frantically break down in the living room.
Then she went back to her bed and slept until her father woke her up to break the news to her. She hugged her father, tightly. And the two of them cried together.
Things were hard from then on. She put on a brave face to her parents, just as they did for her. The house didn’t feel the same anymore. It was cold. Dark. Dead. Every day she thought about how she should be dead too. How she should have been there. The guilt was eating her up. All she wanted to do was talk to Adrian about her feelings. So she started to sneak out to the graveyard and talk to him there. Going back to Ilvermorny was the hardest part. She couldn’t talk to him anymore. And everybody knew. Their eyes were on her, sympathetic. They all knew about her brothers. It was all through the wizarding papers. She couldn’t avoid it. Her mask became bound to her, stuck like glue. Permanently. Now a part of her body.
She continued to live her life, scared on the inside, but confident and rude on the outside. That was just who she was. But it was a tiring life. She didn’t like it, but it was necessary to her survival at school. The rudeness became more common, and anger started to settle in too. She only verbally lashed out when she hit that threshold.
Over the next 2 years her school performance stayed the same- she got good grades, and played Quidditch and Quadpod as usual. But for the most part she was empty except in her writing endeavours. Her writings kept her connected to the real world. Every little piece of writing had her brothers in it. No matter how small the part. They would always shine through.
Last summer, before her 6th year her mother had planned a party. It was one in which Tessa was to meet suitors. Pureblooded boys that she knew from Ilvermorny. Her mother didn’t tell her that that was the reason for the party, but it was clear once the party took place. It had been mostly horrible, but not all of it. There were a few boys that had caught her attention, though she didn’t want to admit it. The idea had been ridiculous. But her mother was adamant. She was to continue to be a lady, even if she didn’t always act like one most of the time. It had been a rather odd event. To think about marriage in that way was beyond her. She was too young, only 16.
Tessa isn’t sure how going back to Ilvermorny was going to go after that party, and having to see the same boys that were there. As long as it wasn’t going to be awkward she would be okay.</div>

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