Rappaport's law strictly forbids any fraternization with non magical folk. Witches and Wizards have long been forbidden from any intermingling; no friendship, certainly no romance. Support for a repeal grows, though, and many fear North America's magical line dying out without fresh bloodlines. Mysterious disappearances tied to witch hunters have occurred throughout the magical community, however. So, which fear will win out? The fear of being wiped out or the fear of fading away?
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Feb 28 2017, 11:08 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">September 1st, 1964</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">
Eddie had lived her whole life hearing about Ilvermorny, about how amazing it was, about what she could do and what she couldn't say. She'd been waiting for the day to come as long as she could remember. Then finally she had turned eleven and she'd been accepted into school and all the stories, all the little stories her father had told her over the years, had become that much more real. As the day drew closer, though, as the reality of having to live a lie solidified itself, her excitement became hinted with trepidation. It was a lot to carry, especially for a little kid. <p>

Her mother had cried when they said goodbye, as she stepped into the waters of the Potomac river and was washed away north. Her father had been stoic. Eddie wasn't always the most insightful, but she thought he was probably the most afraid of all of them. Her lovely father had gone through so much to keep them all safe, to keep them together. She'd go and she'd learn and she'd find a way to change things, but she'd never do anything to risk the life her parents had built. She could change the world, her father had said. Anyone could change the world.<p>

Stepping out of the current and onto the bank, the Ilvermorny grounds, wasn't like anything she'd ever experienced before. Everything was beautiful. The grounds were not immediately dissimilar from her home in rural West Virginia, but there weren't no freaking castles where she was from. That was pretty different. She wanted to go inside, she wanted to go explore, to talk to people, to start learning and actually being able to do real magic. Wait under the pavilion, she'd been told. Wait for instruction. She didn't want to wait, though. There was a lot to learn and a lot to do before she could change the world and she wanted to get started already, darn it.<p>

As the crowd of first year students grew thicker, a certain anxiety began to settle in. Everyone was chatting, getting to know their new peers. She had prepared for this. She and Da had practiced making light conversation, about letting people get to know the no-maj portion of her life but hiding her magical heritage. It was a lot of pressure, a lot to keep in mind. So she mostly kept to herself, standing apart from the other first years as finally they were escorted into the entrance hall.<p>

One by one she watched as students were sorted into their houses until, at last, her name was called. Slowly she stepped forward with a rare timidness. There were so many people, so many eyes all focused on her. It wasn't like anything she'd ever experienced before and she wasn't sure how she felt about it. On one hand it was kind of nifty being the center of attention - she could make a speech or do something funny to make an impression - but on the other hand it was scary. What if she did something stupid or said something that would get her and her family in trouble and made a whole different sort of impression?<p>

Time seemed to slow down as she stepped onto the Gordian Knot. While in reality the whole process probably only lasted a minute or two, it seemed to take an eternity before the thunderbird statue's wings with a great creaking gust. Yes, she thought. That was the house she'd wanted. That or Horned Serpent. A grin flashed across her face before she bit it back, chewing her lower lip. She wasn't supposed to know much about anything at Ilvermorny yet. This was going to be fun she thought as she headed off to join the other sorted students and to wait for her wand. Hopefully it would all go relatively quickly. She was starting to get hungry. <p>

Thankfully the rest of the sorting went by pretty quickly and then it was on to the wand room. It was a bit more comfortable there, out of the prying eyes of all the older students and professors. There were so many boxes, though. So many endless boxes. How could they ever be expected to be matched with the right one when there were just so many. Thankfully they all seemed to be milling about, she and all the other kids. An attendant or two was there to help them make their way through the stock but Eddie didn't need them. She could find the right one on her own.<p>

She found her way to a dusty stack of boxes in the corner. A few other first years had made their way over, but she wasn't going to pay them any mind. Not yet. This was about her and her future, her life. She couldn't wait to find the right one and start her adventure and to write to her mom and dad and let them know how the beginning of things had gone. The beginning of her life. From the pile she selected a long red box labeled "Jonker - Oak," carefully opening it and pulling out a handsome wand. It felt awkward and clunky in her hand. Foreign. Still, though, she gave it a wave. A thin flame ignited the lining of the open box. With a yelp, she reached for the lid of the box, smacking it against the flames to beat them out of life.<p>

Box after box she tried as the crowd began to dwindle, as other kids found their wands and headed out to dinner. Eventually she came to a box labeled "Wolfe - Sycamore." Her breath caught in her throat at first sight. It was beautiful. It was one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen, carved into an intricate pattern of ivy and leaves. She hesitated even to touch it, but the moment Eddie's fingers brushed the wood it was like electricity flowing through her nerves. It was the warmth of a nice shower, the refreshment of a gentle breeze on a warm day. She didn't even have to give it a test; she just knew. She would though, she wanted to. One graceful flick of her wand through the air and with a great twitter of birdsong three beautiful blue jays burst into life, soared through the air and then faded into nothingness. <p>

Beautiful. Perfect. It was like the ribbon cutting on a new business. A new life. Now please. She needed food.

Feb 6 2017, 09:09 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">
<div class="siteappname">Edith Lorraine Miller</div>

<table class="apptable" cellpadding="10pt">

<td><div class="appimg"><img src=""></div></td>
<div class="appinfo1">Thunderbird</div>

<div class="appinfo2">1st Year</div>

<div class="appinfo1">October 5th, 1952</div>

<div class="appinfo2">11</div>

<div class="appinfo1">Slanesville, West Virginia</div>

<div class="appinfo2">Emma Kenney</div></table>

<center><table class="biograph">
<td><div class="appearancehead">Appearance</div>
<div class="appearancebody">Eddie stands at about an average height. She's all knobbly knees and lanky limbs at this point in her life. Her curly, shoulder-blade length red hair is vibrant when the sun hits it but not well cared for. It's frizzy and usually thrown in a messy, knot-filled ponytail or half-assed bun. She's usually in muggle clothes when her robes aren't required; pants, usually torn at the knees, and blouses covered in grass stains. Her uniform is usually wrinkled and untidy. It would be covered in stains too if laundry services didn't get them out. She's fair skinned, her face and shoulders coated with a generous helping of freckles. She smiles readily, but when she's angry her whole face turns red.</div></td>

<td><div class="Personalityhead">Personality</div>
<div class="personalitybody">
Eddie is fearless and bold, hungry for adventure. From a young age, she was always skinned knees and dirty hands, hungry for excitement and exploration. She's excitable and hot tempered, but she loves talking with people, especially about things that interest her. She's happy more often than not, but she holds a grudge like no one's business. She hates frills and dresses and being told to act more like a lady and she had a definite tendency toward the mischevious.


<div class="historyhead">History</div>
<div class="historybody">Charleston Miller was born as Gordon Hastings in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Before he was very old, however, the wizarding family had moved to Paloma Breeze in Maine. There, the boy lived a happy childhood full of magic until the time came for him to attend Ilvermorny. At school, the boy excelled in practical magics but found that his interest lay more in studies related to the mysterious no-majs that he'd been kept from all his life. He as fascinated by them and eventually resloved to learn as much about them as he could. And so, upon graduating the young Hastings departed for England where non-magical folk were not so strictly off limits. He would mingle with them, he planned, learn about them, and then maybe one day return to the US and help sway their thinking. Rappaport's law was silly, after all. <p>

He'd always meant to go back. That was always the plan. After a couple months in Ireland, though, young Gordon found himself infatuated with one of his new muggle acquaintances. Cecily was sweet and smart, quick to laugh and always well stalked with witt. Months turned to years and soon a decade of romance had passed as if in the blink of an eye. On the tenth anniversary of their first date, Gordon and Cecily were married and Gordon revealed the truth of his past and his abilities. His magic. These truths, he knew, would never fly back home in the states. Plans had changed; Gordon resolved to stay in Ireland. Before long, resolve had broken, however; war was building. Conflict had grown and grown in the wizarding world and Gordon had kept a watchful eye on the events surrounding Grindlewald and his followers. But by the mid thirties conflict had risen to all out war and Gordon feared for the safety of his wife. After a particularly nasty incident occurred too close to home for comfort, the HAstings family was faced with an uncomfortable decision; whether to stay and risk the dangers of war, or to go back to the land Gordon came from, where their very relationship was outlawed.<p>

After much debate, the family decided they would move back to the states and live as magic-free a life as possible. Just to be safe, Gordon bought a new wand from Olivanders, hoping that this one would fly under cover of the wand registration and trace in America. The two of them also changed their names from Gordon and Cecily Hastings to Charleston and Emmeline Miller. Once arriving back in the states, they found a nice rural area and purchased a large property were they could live a quiet life together.<p>

Many years passed. Charleston adjusted fairly well to the life of a no-maj, but still performed the occasional spell to help with housework and property upkeep. It was quiet life; the couple had resigned themselves to the idea that children might just not be in the cards for them. Then one day, Emmeline thought that she was going through a woman's change of life due to her advancing years. Instead she was pregnant. Edith Lorraine Miller came into the world with a triumphant wail and rarely has there been a quiet day since.<p>

Much of Eddie's childhood was spent roaming the wooded acres of her family property, quietly learning about the magical creatures indigenous to the area. She didn't have many friends her age, save for a few kids from the local public school. It never bothered her, though. As long as she had a means of adventure, she was happy. Her father taught her a lot of magical theory, about history. He taught her the importance of their lie and of keeping her mother safe. A lesson that was reiterated time and time again in the months and weeks before her departure for Ilvermorny.

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<td>PM FOR SKYPE/AIM</td></table>


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