Rappaport's law strictly forbids any fraternization with non magical folk. Witches and Wizards have long been forbidden from any intermingling; no friendship, certainly no romance. Support for a repeal grows, though, and many fear North America's magical line dying out without fresh bloodlines. Mysterious disappearances tied to witch hunters have occurred throughout the magical community, however. So, which fear will win out? The fear of being wiped out or the fear of fading away?
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Zephyr Tomkins-Wilde


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Feb 6 2017, 11:37 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">September 17th, 1964</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">
It was easy for Zephyr to slip back into the routine of school. A lot of kids seemed to have trouble getting back into a regular sleep schedule or homework schedule. There were always plenty of kids rubbing their sleep filled eyes at breakfast because they had slept in all summer. Zephyr, on the other hand, preferred the routine at school to that of home. He wouldn't want anyone to get the idea that he didn't love his family and all that, but for him, it was being at home that was tiring. There was always something happening, especially over the summer: people over, parties, an event, a game. For some it would undoubtedly be exciting, but for Zephyr, by the time the summer came to an end, he was exhausted. It was relaxing to be back to predicability.<br><br>

It was early evening, after dinner but before people had made their way to bed. Zephyr sat on one of the couches, legs pulled up under him. He had gotten some mail at breakfast, but hadn't had a chance to read it yet. He pulled them out of his book bag now, a letter and a small package. He opened the letter first, it was from his mother, which was expected. His mother was always the first to write to him. Sometimes he suspected that his father had to be reminded to do so. The letter contained the usual report of what was going on at home, requests for him to write back quickly and insistence to work hard (even though he didn't need it).<br><br>

After finishing the letter, he opened the box. The contents of this was also expected, but certainly not unwelcome. Since his first year, his mother had been sending him a package of candies and cookies, despite the fact that he could now go to Jamestown. He appreciated it nonetheless. He had the box next to him on the couch as he inspected everything inside. His favorites had always been the chocolate frogs because he liked to collect the cards. He had an impressive collection. It was something his mother knew, so had included several. However, he had yet to open anything, wanting to establish exactly what he had before deciding what to snack on first.


Feb 1 2017, 11:23 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">September 20th, 1964</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">
Zephyr was a good student. He paid attention in class, took meticulous notes and always handed in his homework. He even enjoyed it, for the most part. However, when it came to magic, sometimes all of that just wasn't enough. Some people were gifted at charms and seemed to be able to master the coursework with minimal effort. Others were natural potion masters and so on. In most of his classes, Zephyr did well and his hard work and patience paid off. He had high grades in all of his classes, even if he wasn't always the standout student. Other times, he just couldn't seem to master a particular charm or spell. It was certainly frustrating.<br><br>

It was only a few weeks into the new school year, but Zephyr, being the student that he was, was already practicing spells to make sure he didn't slip behind. He had found an empty classroom and was working through a few of the spells he found tricky. At the moment, he had several objects lined up on a desk in front of him: a pencil, a glass, an orange and a sealed jar with a captured beetle inside. Meticulous as always, he wanted to work his way up to the more difficult objects. The spell he was currently working on was the shrinking charm. He had managed alright with the pencil and the glass, although fine-tuning his execution to a specific size was still eluding him. Everything was, at least, getting smaller.<br><br>

The next object in line was the orange. He figured this would be easier than a living thing, but more difficult than the glass or the pencil. Pointing his wand at the piece of fruit and concentrating on the wand movement, he spoke the spell "reducio!". He was successful at shrinking the orange -- or at least part of it. The peel burst open, squirting him with eye-stinging juice. Inadvertently, Zephyr cried out, jumping backwards into another desk, the display only reinforcing all the reasons he hadn't followed in his dad's and brother's footsteps and joined the quodpot team. Gingerly, he wiped his face on his sweatshirt, trying not to get anymore orange juice in his watering eyes.

Jan 31 2017, 04:20 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">
<div class="siteappname">Zephyr Liam Tomkins-Wilde</div>

<table class="apptable" cellpadding="10pt">

<td><div class="appimg"><img src=""></div></td>
<div class="appinfo1">Pukwudgie</div>

<div class="appinfo2">4th year/student</div>

<div class="appinfo1">April 4th, 1950</div>

<div class="appinfo2">14</div>

<div class="appinfo1">New York</div>

<div class="appinfo2">CJ Adams</div></table>

<center><table class="biograph">
<td><div class="appearancehead">Appearance</div>
<div class="appearancebody">Given that his father and his brothers each stand around 6 feet, Zephyr is expecting to hit a growth spurt that will carry him to that height. However, at the moment he stand at about 5’ 6”. His build is thoroughly unathletic, with skinny limbs and a general lack of coordination. His squinty eyed smile and dimples have endeared him to gossip writers over the years, even if he’s uncomfortable getting his picture taken.<br><br>

Zephyr dresses well. The potential to get his picture taken or be judged harshly based on his appearance has caused him to worry about the way he looks. His clothes are always expensive and wellfit, often altered by one of his mother’s assistants. He makes sure his shirt is tucked in, his shoes shined, and his hair brushed.

<td><div class="Personalityhead">Personality</div>
<div class="personalitybody">Zephyr has gotten used to meeting new people and being in crowds, but that doesn’t mean he likes it. He’s learned to cope with the parties, the dinners and the strangers. However, he’s an introvert at heart and would much rather be at home or with a small group of people. He hates being the center of attention, which is rather unfortunate for him, and can get very nervous when it happens. Things are actually better when he’s with his family because people pay less attention to him, far more distracted by his parents or his brother. When he gets caught on his own, he can begin to feel panicky.<br><br>

Like his mother, Zephyr has great attention to detail and is a perfectionist. He doesn’t like to hand in schoolwork that hasn’t been triple checked for errors. His notes, even for classes he doesn’t like, are meticulous. In the same vein, Zephyr doesn’t like people touching his things because he always has everything just where he wants and everything has a purpose. He hates to lend out books, they might come back dogeared or written in. He can, however, get too lost in the details, failing to see the big picture in situations or problems.<br><br>

“Sensitive” is a word that Zoe uses to describe Zephyr. Despite his mother saying it with affection, he has always felt like it was a bad word. “Crybaby” is what other kids would say. Zephyr really takes things to heart and he finds it very difficult to let things roll off his shoulder. He still cries easily, but tries very hard to make sure no one sees him. He’ll agonize over any insult directed at him. He wishes he didn’t care about what people think, but a life scrutinized by gossip writers and under the shadow of his family, has caused him to lack confidence.<br><br>

Given his family, Zephyr has had the misfortune of being the victim of false kindness. There are those that would befriend him simply due to his family’s money and fame. For this reason, Zephyr is wary of new friendships. However, once he believes the friendship to be genuine, he is a good a loyal friend. His preference is to have a small group of close friends rather than a large group of friendly acquaintances.<br><br>

Zephyr has a “look before you leap” mentality. Before making any important decisions he wants to weigh the pros and cons, examine it from every angle. This can be a good thing because it keeps him from making rash decisions. However, it can cause him to be indecisive as well, clamming up when he can’t figure out what the best course of action is.</div></td></table></center>

<div class="historyhead">History</div>
<div class="historybody">Zephyr was an oops-baby. The third, unplanned child of the famous and successful Tomkins-Wilde family. He is 11 years younger than his brother Zachary and 8 years younger than his brother Zane. That isn’t to say that he was unloved, but all his life he has felt overlooked and overshadowed. His father, Peter Tomkins, was a household name in the wizarding world, having become famous as a star Quodpot player. After his retirement, he remained in the public eye as a commentator and sports writer. Zephyr’s mother, Zoe Wilde, is famous in her own right as a prolific designer. Her line can be found in all high-end wizarding apparel shops and she often dresses the wizarding elite. The couple attend many charity events and functions in wizarding high society. At 25, Zephyr’s eldest brother, Zach, is already establishing himself as a national Quodpot player.<br><br>

When Zephyr was born, Zoe and Peter were already well-known celebrities of the wizarding world. His birth was covered by the gossip sections of wizarding newspapers around the country. Growing up, Zephyr’s parents were very busy and so he was often taken care of by a nanny. When he was old enough, he began attending events with his parents and brothers. Zephyr somehow never became comfortable with the flashing cameras or the formal manner in which everyone conducted themselves. His parents and brothers glided through the crowd easily, chatting and laughing. Zephyr just wanted to be at home, reading or playing a quiet game.<br><br>

His mother always said that he took after her father. “He preferred the company of books to people, too”, she would say. Although he didn’t have the same social grace, Zephyr also took after his mother. She was methodical, a perfectionist and could easily get lost in her work for hours. On the other hand, Peter was baffled by his youngest son. At times, Zephyr felt as though he had nothing in common with his father. As with his other sons, Peter attempted to get Zephyr involved in Quodpot, teaching him to fly almost as soon as he could walk. Zephyr flies well enough and is perfectly comfortable on a broom, but he’s skinny and unathletic. In a desperate attempt to get his son into sports, Peter used to say that Zephyr could be a seeker. Even if he didn’t regard Quidditch anywhere near highly as Quodpot, it was at least something. But Zephyr is far too cautious to want to put himself in front of bludgers. Both Zach and Zane take after their father. Zephyr is closer to Zane. However, the age difference has always meant that Zephyr was usually left behind.<br><br>

By the time it was Zephyr’s turn to go to Ilvermorny, his two brothers had already graduated. Although it was a disappointment not to have either of his brothers around to look out for him, he was also somewhat relieved to not have to live under their direct shadow. Still, it was difficult to have so many people know who he was and have expectations of him. It took some time to convince his house Quodpot team (he was sorted into Pukwudgie) that he wasn’t going to be their next star player. For the first few years he struggled against people’s assumptions about him and often felt like he was a disappointment. Eventually, though, he did manage to shed those expectations and has more or less managed to define himself separately from his family.</div>

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