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Mark Ellis


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Feb 17 2017, 12:47 AM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">September 16, 1964</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">

<p>If anyone were to climb to the southmost tower in Ilvermorny after lunch on the 16th of September, they would hear a faint snickering coming from a slightly open door headed towards the balconies.

<p>Mark Ellis crouched behind the banisters, covering his mouth as frustrated shouts came from down below, sounding muffled due to the height that he was currently at. The idea to drop balloons from the castle towers was brilliant, the addition of filling them with swamp goop instead of water was sheer genius. In Mark's opinion anyway.

<p>There were only a few people who knew that he was up here at the moment. This was why he was confident that he wouldn't be getting caught anytime soon. Both of the people who knew he was here wouldn't rat him out and even if one of them did, Suzie would most likely warn him about incoming authority figures. Speaking of which, it was Suzie who'd suggested levitating the balloons as far down as possible before letting them go, telling him that the drops would be more accurate that way. In truth, she was just trying to make sure he didn't accidentally kill anyone with a swamp balloon.

<p>As soon as the cursing from down below quieted down, Mark looked over the banisters to check for new victims. He quickly levitated one of his last balloons down, licking his lips as he concentrated on not banging the sensitive round blob into the wall. In fact he was so focused that he failed to notice someone opening the door behind him...


Feb 17 2017, 12:10 AM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">September 13, 1964</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">

<p><b>"You ready pipsqueak?"</b>

<p>Mark Ellis reached over to ruffle the hair of the young girl that was with him that morning in the sports field as he flipped a quodpot ball into the air and caught it. He grinned at Penny Graves as he repeated the motion once again, his expression making it clear that he hadn't made the comment as an insult. It was more of a term of endearment for the girl that he saw as sort of a little sister. He was sure Suzie would take offence to that if she ever found out but he wasn't about to let her know.

<p>Penny was one of the younger members of the Thunderbird quodpot team and thus Mark felt obligated to train her and test out her capabilities at the same time. Those were part of his responsibilities as the new captain after all. While he would normally balk at the mere mention of responsibility, Mark was more than happy to shoulder this particular part of his position. After all, what was wrong with being able to go out into the sports field to practice quodpot?

<p>Now that most of the team had left due to them graduating, Mark was dealing with a squadron of mostly young students. He chose to see this as a positive, thinking that their enthusiasm for the game would be high. Penny was one of their new pointers, a position previously filled by the last captain of the team. She'd technically been on the team since her third year but hadn't been given the chance for regular playing time. Now he had to see whether or not she would be able to fill even part of the shoes that were left by the previous captain. He was doing the same with every new member of the team under the guise of having one-on-one practices with each of them.

<p><b>"Right, let's start with some drills shall we?"</b>

<p>He waved his wand at a bunch of cardboard cutouts on the field beside him, causing them to float and get into position between them and the goal. The cutouts were all the same color, an eerie shade of red. An intimidating aura surrounded them, like they were real live players instead of inanimate objects designed to train quodpot players.

<p><b>"No balls for now. All you have to do is to weave through these guys and get to a position where you can score. As you know, these things are enchanted, so they'll be moving to block your every move and opening. We're going until you get in. You ready?"</b>


Feb 11 2017, 06:05 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">September 2, 1964</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">

<p>The library was the last place anyone would expect Mark Ellis to be. Anyone who actually knew him or at least knew about him were well aware of that. This was why the students sitting around the tables in the Ilvermorny library sent surprised looks towards one another when he strode into the area, a confident grin splattered across his face. He made a show of looking around, winking at some of the prettier faces he spotted before walking off into deeper library territory.

<p>His reasons for showing up at the place were far from the usual. He wasn't here to study. He didn't do casual reading unless it was about sports. He was only there to find someone, a particular close friend of his that he hadn't seen in awhile and missed quite a lot. They'd been back two days already and he was quite disappointed he hadn't run into her yet.

<p><b>"Hey Mel, where are ya?"</b> he said, uncaring of the fact that he was in a library. Quite a few of the library's occupants shot him dirty glances while a handful started giggling at his antics. He chose to focus on the latter group. It was always a good feeling to make someone laugh. He continued looking for Melora Vautier, making sure to check in between the shelves lest she be sitting down along one of the aisles reading a book on the ground. He'd caught his big brother doing that at their home library once. It was weird.

<p>Mark was doing the rounds, catching up with everyone. He was yet to meet the other members of his inner circle, and he was determined to find each of them today. The first one on the list was Melora, as she was the one he got along with the most. Knowing Mel, Mark assumed that the library was the best place to find his blonde friend, as she seemed to actually like studying.

<p><b>"Mel?"</b> he intoned once again, turning another corner just in time to see a familiar face. There she was. He immediately walked briskly towards her, grinning from ear to ear while speaking in his same normal tone of voice, which wasn't particularly suited for the setting they were in.

<p><b>"Hey, I've been looking everywhere for you!"</b> - a lie, the library was the first place he'd tried but he liked to embellish - <b>"What're you doing here? It's only the first week back, you can't have been given homework yet!?"</b> Most of the students were now giving him downright annoyed looks that flew right under Mark's radar. His only concern right now was catching up with his friend.

</div>Tags: @Mina</div>

Jan 5 2017, 09:19 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">
<div class="siteappname">Mark Alexander Ellis</div>

<table class="apptable" cellpadding="10pt">

<td><div class="appimg"><img src=""></div></td>
<div class="appinfo1">THUNDERBIRD</div>

<div class="appinfo2">SEVENTH YEAR</div>

<div class="appinfo1">JUNE 7, 1947</div>

<div class="appinfo2">SEVENTEEN</div>

<div class="appinfo1">HERMOSA BEACH, CALIFORNIA</div>

<div class="appinfo2">DYLAN O'BRIEN</div></table>

<center><table class="biograph">
<td><div class="appearancehead">Family Tree</div>
<div class="appearancebody">
*Dylan Ellis (Ye Olde Dad) - Mark inherited most of his traits from his father. Dylan is a jokester as well, though not as extreme as Mark is at times. He is a professional travel writer.
*Tina Ellis nee Wesson (Mother Dearest) - Tina is the yin to Dylan's yang. She is a worrier who is almost always serious. She works as a healer at the Wardwell Clinic.
*Darren Ellis (Uptight Killjoy) - Darren, Mark's older brother, is the extreme version of Tina. He is overly serious and often acts like the weight of the world is on his shoulders.
*Susan Ellis (Little Baby Suze) - The baby of the family. She is the best of both worlds and is often seen as the jewel of the Ellis family. While not perfect, she is not ridiculously extreme like most of her family is.


<td><div class="Personalityhead">Quotes on Mark</div>
<div class="personalitybody">
<i>"Mark is a funny kid, he loves jokes and loves laughing but that doesn't mean he can't focus when he needs to. He just needs proper motivation."</i> ~Dylan Ellis
<i>"Mark would be successful, if he put any actual effort in what he does. The guy's a poster child for laziness and outright useless energy. I love him but at this point he's a complete waste of space."</i> ~Darren Ellis
<i>"Mark's.. energetic. We all love him to pieces but we also all wish that he could be more serious. If there's one thing you can count on though, he sure can make anyone laugh."</i> ~Susan Ellis
<i>"That kid is a nightmare. He's the one who officially turned me off babysitting. He tried to smush dog crap in my face! Dog crap!"</i> ~Random California Teenager
<i>"I remember he kissed me on the lips once and told me I tasted like strawberries and sugar, then he just walked away. He was ten, I was fourteen."</i> ~Another Random California Teenager
<i>"He's one of the funniest guys around. Just make sure you aren't his next target. Most people aren't laughing once he's done with them."</i> ~Anonymous Ilvermorny Student
<i>"Kid's a psycho. Drives every single one of us up the walls. You wanna know the worst thing? He always seems to get away with it! I swear one day his luck's gonna run out and bite him in the ass!"</i> ~Anonymous Ilvermorny Professor

<div class="historyhead">History</div>
<div class="historybody">
<p align="center">1947-1957</p>
<p>A dark, cold night in June of this year marked the first day of little Mark Alexander Ellis' life. He was born into the Ellis clan, a prominent wizarding family in Hermosa Beach, California. Dylan and Tina Ellis were his parents, both graduates of Ilvermorny and proud members of the community. Dylan was a travel writer, which allowed for him to visit exotic places and sometimes even bring Mark along. This is what spawned Mark's love for the outdoors. Tina on the other hand was every bit the caring, doting mother. She worked as a healer at the Wardwell Clinic and the overall sanity maintainer at the Ellis household.</p>
<p>Ever since he was born, it was clear that Mark was a rowdy child, much more than his older brother Darren ever was. As the two grew up, it became more and more apparent that they were complete opposites. Where Darren was serious and mature, Mark was silly and irresponsible. A prankster from an early age, Mark would often target his brother, doing things like putting dog excrement in his hand while he was sleeping. It was amazing how often the two fought. If there was one thing both of them agreed on though, it was their love for their little sister Susan, who was the best of both worlds for them. Funnily enough, she served as the balance that kept them both in check, something that their parents were extremely grateful for.</p>
<p>With Dylan being a travel writer, he often brought any sort of combination of his children along on his trips. Mark especially enjoyed the trips he got to share with little Suzie, as they provided him with a playmate while his father was busy writing. There was one particular trip though that stood out in his mind, one that had him alone accompanying his father. It was a local trip, nothing out of the country. Dallas, Texas. It was a dry place, something that made Mark want to go home as quick as he could the first few days that he was there. Then, he met her.</p>
<p>He'd bailed on his father, wanting to get out of the sweltering hotel. A few hours of random wandering put him in unfamiliar territory, something that slightly worried him as he didn't know how to get back to their hotel. He eventually resigned himself to asking someone and he unceremoniously entered the nearest house. It was empty, except for a redhead around his age, splashing around in a small pool. Being the inconsiderate child that he was and feeling annoyed by the heat, he jumped right in without concern for politeness. Initially annoyed, the redhead eventually began talking with him and they hit it off. That afternoon was one of the best in Mark's memory. Sadly, he forgot to ask the girl her name before her older sister showed up and drove him back to the hotel.
<p align="center">1958-1960</p>
<p>Mark's first year at Ilvermorny was everything he could have hoped for. Upon arriving, he saw the possibilities that the castle presented in terms of shenanigans and pranks. During the sorting ceremony, both Wampus and Thunderbird offered membership to him. He chose the latter purely out of the fact that Thunderbird favored adventurers, and he wanted to one day be like his father and travel around the world. The wand selection was quick as well, and he ended up with his dogwood wand that he has until the present.</p>
<p>Another surprise awaited him as he saw a face he recognized on the first day of classes. The redheaded girl from Dallas. He immediately strode up and introduced himself, but was disappointed when she didn't seem to remember him. He took this in stride and learned her name, doing all he could to integrate himself into her life. With more than just an afternoon with her, he began to learn more about her and eventually the two became fast friends.</p>
<p>His first few years at school went by rather quickly. While not the best as academics (it was clear early on that he was more than a bit dense), he was widely known not only for his tendency to break rules and play pranks, but also as a talented quodpot player. The wiliness with which he played the game was often a sight to behold, and he quickly earned the respect of his fellow players as well as a few fans, which of course inflated his ego tremendously. In his third year, he began to take notice of the opposite sex and went on his first date. Ever since then he has not looked back, and has earned the reputation of a playboy, despite the fact that he has had his eyes on a particular redhead for quite some time.</p>
<p align="center">1961-1963</p>
<p>With his first VERDICTs out of the way (he barely passed), Mark continued to grow but not mature. He still held his childish fun loving attitude close, something a lot of the people who knew him were getting tired of. Thankfully the close circle of friends that had formed naturally around him balanced him out. While he lost many friends in the following years of his life, he retained the ones that counted, the ones who would stick with him through thick and thin. His fourth through sixth years were largely uneventful, though he did manage to somehow set himself on fire during one potions class in his fifth year. The only real major event happened at the tail end of his seventh year, when he finally admitted his feelings to a certain redheaded girl.</p>
<p align="center">PRESENT DAY</p>
<p>With the new school year in sight, Mark is excited for a great many things. First is his final year in school, which will see him say his goodbyes to what he has called home for the past seven years of his life. Second is his future life and career, which still looks kind of murky to him as he has no idea what he is going to do after school. Finally, is the response of a certain redheaded girl to his admission at the end of last year. Would she accept his feelings? Or would she think that he was just pulling her leg at the end of the year as a part of some elaborate prank? Mark had no idea what was in store for him and if he was being honest, he wasn't sure he wanted to find out.</div>

<table class="appuserinfo">
<td>GMT + 8</td>


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