Rappaport's law strictly forbids any fraternization with non magical folk. Witches and Wizards have long been forbidden from any intermingling; no friendship, certainly no romance. Support for a repeal grows, though, and many fear North America's magical line dying out without fresh bloodlines. Mysterious disappearances tied to witch hunters have occurred throughout the magical community, however. So, which fear will win out? The fear of being wiped out or the fear of fading away?
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Cyrus Lane

MACUSA Employee

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Feb 6 2017, 07:24 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">September 15th, 1964</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">
The one highlight of Cyrus' job taking him to Ilvermorny on a regular basis was that he got to walk familiar places and see familiar faces. He and Phaedra Blackthorn had never been friends persey, but they got on well enough and he enjoyed talking to her. Now, with all the talk going around with the people that he worked with and with the paper putting out half cocked stories, he was very curious to see how she was doing. Work didn't actually require that he stop by just yet, but he wasn't going to tell them that. His schedule was free for the day and so he was going to use the time. <p>

He tucked a pouch of wendigo leather into the pocket of his robe and headed to the school. The gates admitted him without question, which was worth note. With the recurring attacks on wizards and witches, any breach of security was worth notice. What if he was coming for some nefarious purpose? Although he was there for what he considered a legitimate reason there was no way to prove that. Somebody, somewhere, should have stopped him, should have asked what he was doing there unscheduled and unannounced. Yet no one hindered him at all as he headed to the office of Ilvermorny's newest professor. <p>

Cyrus, a firm believer in making a point of showing respect, paused to knock on the office door. By rights, he probably could have gotten away with letting himself in, but he wouldn't do that without cause. It wasn't like he was an auror; he wasn't here to interrogate her or arrest her. "Phaedra," he called, "It's Cyrus, open the door." It would be just his luck if she ended up not being in her office, though he knew she wasn't in class at the moment. Maybe he should have written to her and asked her to meet him for lunch. That, though, would look dangerously like he was showing interest. An interest that might prove to cause conflict with his work. That was best avoided, especially at current.


Dec 18 2016, 03:56 PM
<div class="sitetemplate1">

<div class="siteappname">September 1st, 1964</div>

<div class="sitetemplate2">
Every year - every damned year - the higher ups at MACUSA sent Cyrus to go welcome the student arrivals at Ilvermorny. "Give the first year a good impression," they said. "Welcome returning students home," they said. "Make sure all the no-maj born children feel like they belong," they said. Did any of them even know him? He'd only been working there for something like twelve years. Had no one caught on that he wasn't exactly the warm welcome sort? Sure he put on a good show when he had to, but that didn't mean he liked it. It sure as hell didn't mean that he didn't have more important things to do, either. As the third most important man in the state of Massachusetts, he had plenty of more important things he could be doing. Honestly, any intern with a shiny badge and a winning smile could have taken his place just as efficiently.<p>
Cyrus was nothing if not a career man, though. So, once again, he found himself standing on the stairs at the Ilvermorny entrance, watching as child after child stepped out of the water and onto the riverbanks. He hadn't even complained too much this year. His supervisor knew his opinion. Before too much longer he would venture toward the pavilion for inane chats with first year students, but first he would greet the majority of the returning students as they filtered in through the doors and headed to take a spot on the balcony for the sorting ceremony. Arms crossed over his chest, he nodded and fixed random students with a steely smile. Here and there, he answered questions or greeted the occasional familiar face. <p>

"Wands will be waiting for you in your dorms, after the feast," he answered a shouted question. A stupid question. Wand redistribution was always handled the same way, every year. Assigned beds in assigned dorms made it easy to leave a student's wand waiting for their arrival. He drew in a deep breath; it as his job to make a good impression, not to stand there like it was the very last thing in the world he wanted to be doing. Time to double the efforts. "How was your summer," he called to the next student he spotted. "MACUSA welcomes you home!" Damned, did that sound like a creepy sentiment. It was the line he'd been told to feed the, though, and so he would.


Dec 11 2016, 01:55 AM
<div class="sitetemplate1">
<div class="siteappname">Cyrus Corbery Lane</div>

<table class="apptable" cellpadding="10pt">

<td><div class="appimg"><img src=""></div></td>
<div class="appinfo1">MACUSA Employee</div>

<div class="appinfo2">Undersecretary to the Massachusetts representative of MACUSA </div>

<div class="appinfo1">May 3rd, 1934</div>

<div class="appinfo2">Thirty</div>

<div class="appinfo1">New York City</div>

<div class="appinfo2">Zachary Levi</div></table>

<center><table class="biograph">
<td><div class="appearancehead">Appearance</div>
<div class="appearancebody">Cyrus stands at 6'2". His hair black hair is usually kept close trimmed and carefully coifed as is befitting of a respectable man. He'll have none of that no-mag hippy nonsense, thank you. When the time comes around for a haircut, however, it does begin to curl. His hair is also starting to show just the slight hint of silver sprinkled through here and there, which he thinks looks rather distinguished. There are a few lines beginning to show on his face, but so far he's aged pretty gracefully. His facial hair is usually present but well groomed, not a single hair out of place. Eyes are a rich hazel, set behind long lashes and his natural complexion is just slightly tanned. He is physically fit - not overly muscular, but definitely toned. He also generally dresses very well if he's anywhere out in public; only the finest robes or muggle suits will do. By all appearances, he should be taken as a perfectly respectable gentleman and he takes great care to project that image.</div></td>

<td><div class="Personalityhead">Personality</div>
<div class="personalitybody">Cyrus has always had a thirst not only for knowledge but for admiration and respect. He is driven by a need to be the expert, to be praised, to be looked to for guidance. That has left him coming off as cold or self-serving on more than one occasion over the years. He can be arrogant and blunt, unwavering and unwilling to admit he is wrong. That said, though, he's no monster. He loves deeply - even when he's not the best at showing it - and is as unwavering in his loyalty and trust as he is in his opinions (though once his trust is broken or his loyalty lost, it's nearly impossible to earn back). He gravitates toward powerful, intelligent and influential people, but tries hard to at least be cordial with all those he comes in contact with. If he is given respect, he will try to be respectful in turn, though he can't always hel a touch of condescension.</div></td></table></center>

<div class="historyhead">History</div>
<div class="historybody">Cyrus Lane was born to two wizarding parents - Charlotte Corbery and Elijah Lane - in the midst of the Great Depression. The economic downturn had definite repercussions in the magical world, even with extremely limited interactions between the two communities. Work was hard to find for two young, unwed parents and money was hard to come by. Even as the global economy began to recover, his parents never seemed to find a place for themselves. One of Cyrus' earliest memories is watching his father - who was never particularly good at wandwork - scrub the floors of the MACUSA lobby by hand as the wizards who offered him five dragots for the work looked on, laughing at his expense. Even as a small child it angered him. By the time he was five or six years old, he was prowling the streets of New York, finding what work he could making money in anyway possible, determined to do what he could to build a better life for himself and his family.<p>

When he was nine, his father left to join the war efforts in Europe. Gelert Grindlewald had risen to power and threatened the security of the wizarding world and war proved the most promising source of steady income. Later that year word came from MACUSA that Elijah had been killed by a stray curse at the front line. The training of the troops had been hasty and Jane spoke for months about how it was as much MACUSA's fault for sending an untrained wizard to the front line. Then one day, nearly a year after Elijah's death, Jane just stopped talking about it. She stopped talking about Elijah altogether. His absence left a permanent hole in their small family.<p>

Another year or so passed and it was time for Cyrus to head north to Ilvermorny. When he arrived, the ceremony gave him a choice of Wampus and the Horned Serpent. Cyrus chose the latter, favoring the house of the scholar. Over the years he made friends - not many, but enough to get by - but his main focus was always his marks, his education. Each exam year he passed his VERDICTs with flying colors, he was prefect and then head student. By all accounts he excelled at everything he put his mind to. Largely because he didn't put much effort into anything else. He was eager to prove himself, eager for the approval and praise of his professors, hungry for achievement. What few romantic relationships he did have over the years quickly dissolved because it was clear that his own ambitions were more important to him than their relationship.<p>

After graduation, Cyrus took a small job at the Boston branch of MACUSA. Through the years he always put his career before anything else and has managed to work his way up to Undersecretary, one of the most important positions in the state government, in a relatively short amount of time. His job requires him to travel frequently between New York and Massachusetts, which he kind of likes since it gives him an excuse to check in with his mother. He also spends a lot of time visiting Ilvermorny and the surrounding town, checking up on the status of things so that he can report back to his superiors.

<table class="appuserinfo">
<td>PM me for Skype or AIM</td></table>


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